A sweet baby chick I hatched.

My first two hens; Black Rock hybrids called Bess and Anna.

A cockerel I rescued, he was in an awful state when I got him.

A trio of my Serama Bantams.

Three Light Sussex hens I hatched; Flo, Joe and Moe.

This blog isn’t just about chickens…

But chickens are the reason I started this blog.


Pet Chicken Keeper is all about living a good country lifestyle. With an emphasis on outdoor pursuits, producing your own food, wholesome home lives and making the most of every wonderful moment we have on this earth.

Whether you’re looking for chicken keeping tips, how to grow your own vegetables, awesome homemaking hacks to give you more time with your family, DIY ideas for gifts or treats for yourself, we’ve got it covered!


Who is Sammy?


The country loving lady behind this blog of course!

But I wasn’t always a country girl. I lived in a normal house, with a normal garden in a little village in the UK.

I had always loved animals but one weekend we went to visit some friends who lived on a small homestead (we call them a smallholding in the UK) who had sheep, pigs, geese and chickens. I had seen chickens before of course, but for some reason this time it was different. That visit sparked an obsession that’s still running over 15 years later.

I convinced my parents to let me have two hens in our garden. At around the same time I became involved in an organization that rehomed ‘spent’ hens from commercial egg farms (they are often referred to as rescue hens although it wasn’t much of a rescue as the organization use to buy the hens from the farmers so they didn’t lose money!)

On our first ‘rescue’ we rehomed about 65 hens, which we thought was loads. It started off with just two of us doing the rescues but very soon the number of hens we were rehoming increased and we had to recruit more volunteers. At our busiest, around three years later, we were rehoming around 650 hens every week to two weeks and at this point I was in charge of all the liaison with perspective rehomers (bearing in mind I was only 15 at the time so this was quite a responsibility at a young age).

Over these three years my own pet chicken flock had grown. Not only did I often end up with any rescue hens too sick or frail to be rehomed, but I had also been hatching chicks and breeding some of my own birds to sell. At one point we had over 30 chickens in my parents very normal sized back garden, luckily I had managed to bring my Mum on board with my hobby, although my Dad wasn’t so keen to see the grass disappear.

My pet chicken keeping hobby had meant that I met many people living a country lifestyle and absolutely fell in love with farming. I left school at 16 to study farming at a local college, and then went on to receive a first class honors degree in agriculture at university.

Unfortunately whilst at university I became chronically ill which meant working in such an active field just wasn’t possible. Instead I now blog full time. This is my second blog and one where I can share my love of pet chicken keeping, all the knowledge I have learnt over the years and connect with all other aspects of the country lifestyle I adore.


I’m so excited for you to see what i have here on the blog, so check out my most popular posts and recent posts in my sidebar, or choose a topic that interests you from the menu above and get reading! 🙂


If you have any questions, or just want to get in touch my email address is sammy@petchickenkeeper.com!